The beginning of the journey to positively impact the increase in available safe and clean water began with the initial founding of OES, and with the progress through prototype, has increased the momentum to demonstrate the performance path that can contribute to the well being of those in distress of potable water. The collateral affects of this effort will be another infinite source of energy that is compatible with ecosystem.
OES will continue to follow the system integration philosophy in identifying the necessary variables and implementing the necessary steps required to overcome the issues in order to successfully expand the contribution of safe and clean water to a world community still struggling to improve the current clean water dilemma.
OES will continue to cultivate financial partners, customers of hardware and customers for turnkey solutions to improve the availability of clean water to those in need.
OES intends to provide the fully developed and commercialized AWEC as its primary mission to governments and/or private organizations, but as with most agency or municipal arrangements the requirement for full service turn key support will be a secondary opportunity, should this distribution approach prove more rewarding to citizens of the world and OES.