Over the next 10 years, the United Nations and World Bank independently estimate that, 40% of people on earth will not have access to potable water because of population demand and environmental contamination. Ismail Serageldin, Vice President of the World Bank said: “While the world’s population has tripled, water demand has sextupled. If the wars of the past century were fought over oil, the wars of this century will be fought over water.”
Expending energy is the center of our existence. The earth’s ecosystem has significant energy forms that we experience such as the extreme effects annually of hurricanes, lightning storms, tidal waves and flooding. Combustion is attributed to the modernization of the world. Combustion also contributes to the degradation of air quality. Wind energy was harnessed in the early days for sailing. It was also harnessed in rural locations for pumping water and other industrial applications in the Netherlands. Pictures of Dutch windmills some remember from their world geography.
The industrial revolution ran rampant in polluting both our air and our water. These ill affects were recognized after the stability of the manufacturing base was established, and efforts to improve the qualities of air and water were made. The decline of the North American industrial base has occurred because of the lack of environmental considerations in developing countries around the world. The current industrial revolution in India and China are following the North American historical path. They are increasingly realizing that mitigating the shortages and implementing environmental controls are key to sustainability. It is the implementation that is still to be developed.
Water quality has degraded over the world to a point where it is on the verge of being in crisis. Yet, a minimal effort is being made to address the problem. One major problem in improving water quality is the appropriate energy source to power the effort. Both he cost structure and responsible entity to provide clean water continueto be the focus of debate on the world stage. Ocean Energy Systems LLC sees an opportunity to supply of clean water to coastal communities.
It is unfortunate that the affluent cultures only react to water crises. For many of the less affluent cultures , each day is one of crisis involving water because of either scarcity or water quality, and little is done to alleviate the situation.