OES is owned and operated by an experienced team of analytical and field engineers, who collectively represent a unique synergistic blend of over 100 years of business, entrepreneurial, research and engineering design experience. Together, the OES owners/operators are committed to develop the highest quality, most innovative and value-based renewable energy products to alleviate the potable water problem.
Robert Murtha - Chairman
A veteran entrepreneur and environmental engineering expert received his masters degree from Johns Hopkins University in Environmental Engineering, . Mr. Murtha’s independent study project, under the direction of Prof. Michael McCormick, was the integration of reverse osmosis and the McCabe Wave Pump to produce potable water. Mr. Murtha was formerly Vice President of ACS Environmental Solutions which was acquired by Lockheed Martin Company, after which Mr. Murtha founded Murtech. Murtech is a system engineering and logistics services provider to the United States Department of Defense. Prior to his corporate experiences Mr. Murtha, while in the Marine Corps was awarded the Navy Achievement Award for solving a complicated water shortage problem.
Dr. Michael McCormick - Chief Technical Office
Dr McCormick has been awarded two PhD’s - one from the Catholic University of America (Mechanical Engineering) and the second one from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (Civil Engineering). He is a world-renowned ocean wave authority and author (over 100 publications including three books on ocean wave mechanics) who was awarded a Doctorate of Science from Trinity College. He has 37 years of engineering and teaching experience along with the development of multiple ocean wave systems at both the U.S. Naval Academy and Johns Hopkins University. At the Naval Academy, Dr. McCormick is the Corbin A. McNeill emeritus professor of Ocean Engineering. Recently, he has held part-time positions with ACS Defense and Lockheed-Martin IT as an environmental computational fluid dynamicist. He is a fellow of three professional societies: ASCE, ASME and MTS. His experience in wave energy conversion dates back to 1973, when he was the U. S. Coast Guard Research Professor at the Naval Academy studying oscillating water-column wave-energy conversion. He conceptually designed the bi-directional turbine contributed by the U. S. on the Kaimei project in Japan. His association with wave-powered desalination began in 1981 with his work on the McCabe Wave Pump in Ireland. Dr. McCormick is a registered professional engineer in Maryland.
Dr. Douglas C. Hicks
Dr. Hicks received his Ph.D. from the College of Marine Studies at the University of Delaware. Working with Dr. Charles M. Pleas, Dr. Hicks developed a wave-powered desalination system, called the Delbuoy. He has significant experience in the conversion seawater into drinking water. Dr. Hicks has patented a wave energy conversion technique designed to produce small-volume potable water using a vertical column, buoy activated, pressurized water filtration technique. His operational experience of implementing the solution in the Caribbean island applications advances the integration efforts significantly with regard to broad initial lessons-learned experiences.
Dr. Peter McCabe
Dr. McCabe received his undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Trinity College, Dublin, and his doctorate from University College, London. He has spent much of his career working in the ocean energy community. Dr. McCabe patented the McCabe Wave Pump (MWP), built the prototype of the floating system, and deployed the MWP for 9 continuous years in the Shannon Estuary, off the coast of Ireland. The MWP is a foundation of the OES approach to utilize wave energy to pressurize salt water in order to produce potable water. Dr. McCabe’s knowledge of the evolutionary path of the prototyped MWP has been beneficial in the system development effort for the OES solution. Dr. McCabe unfortunately passed away before he could see his dream realized.
Jeffrey Cerquetti
Mr. Cerquetti is a licensed professional engineer with his area of concentration in structural design. He received his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland, and his masters degree in Civil/Ocean Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He is presently completing the requirements for a Ph.D. under the Civil Engineering Department at Maryland. Mr. Cerquetti has been working in the coastal and structural engineering community for more than 25 years. He brings a fundamental engineering approach that is unsurpassed, and blends well with the operational challenges to be met in the site-specific deployment of the OES solution.
Clifford Stearns
Mr. Stearns has an undergraduate degree from the University of New Hampshire. He has been an operator in the dredging and coastal community for over thirty years. Mr. Stearns brings practical experience to the integration of the OES solution. He has contributed significantly to the evolution of the OES prototype such that the deployment, maintenance and recovery of the system can be done in the safest and most expeditious manner.
Thomas Mann
Mr. Mann has an undergraduate degree in business from Michigan State University, and a MBA. He has over 20 years of business contracts and finance experience, including positions with ACS Environmental Solutions, the Lockheed Martin Corporation and Murtech, Inc. Mr. Mann brings the financial control and critical consult regarding the start-up operations and establishment of the business foundation that will be required for this venture.
Mark Washington
Mr. Washington received his degree in Oceanography from the U.S. Naval Academy. He has over 20 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. Mr. Washington is the program lead in Murtech's Renewable Energy division.